CFW - one activation code for multi-installation

A PC with a single hd running two OS in separate partitions. C:\ with only IE and D:\ with Firefox.
I installed CFW on both of them using the same activation code. Was I correct or should i have asked for different codes?
More, If I now close D: after having put CFW in “Bloke All” and reboot in C:, Bitdefender and Spy Sweeper act strangely (do not load). Then if i reboot in D:\ re-activate CFW, close, reboot in C:\ everything goes ok.
Further, in C: where there is only IE, i open CFW “Application Monitor” and I see a line occupied by Firefox. Casualness or due to the same activation code used in different partitions?


Unless a someone posts otherwise, i would not worry too much about using the same key on 2 installs of windows xp on the same PC. Since COMODO is not pay-for software and to me you can only use the key once at any one time, i would not worry.

cheers, rotty