(CFW installer) open with?

i’m an A+ certified student fixing a few computers and after cleaning one up, i always download Comodo… well this time it asked me to what to open it with.
i’m a little lost.

…uhh that sounds weird… screenshot? ??? Perhaps the download didn’t finish correctly and hence got messed up, have you tried re-downloading it or checking the hash?

Here it is

[attachment deleted by admin]


Try re-downloaded the application from Comodo.com and Try Again

It could be a issue caused by left over malware;

Check The Following Registry Items

You should see “”%1" %*" in the Default Key


You should see “exefile” in the Default Key


You should see “Msi.Package” in Default Key


You should see “”%SystemRoot%\System32\msiexec.exe" /i “%1” %*" in Default Key

Also Post a screenshot Please.


If what Jacob writes above checks out and all looks fine then it might just be a corrupted download, I’d recommend trying to download it again.