cfw_installer.exe and cav_installer.exe (FREE) incompatible ?

Hello world,
Using WinXP prof. I tried to install the latest Comodo firewall (free) and than Comodo antivirus (free). Popup said: “Incompatible product:Comodo internet Security 5.x”.
The first installation of the firewall was registered as " Comodo Internet Security" , not as Comodo Firewall !!! Next step I deleted the firewall and startet with the installation of the Comodo Antivirus. It was registered the same way as for the firewall “Comodo internet security” .
Third step installing again the firewall a popup showed up: “Icompatible product. Comodo internet security 5.x”. Renaming the installation path differently did not help.
My question : Is this a bug or are the two products from Comodo (free) really incompatable?
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Although it’s not obvious, they’re both universal installers. If you install the firewall and later want to add the AV, go to start menu/Comodo/Add and Remove… Likewise if you install the AV first.

It’s a bit of a useless message though…

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Hi Radaghast,
thanks for your quick reply. In the meantime I solved my problem. I have found only one way to install both the comodo firewall and the antivirus software on the same winXP installation: I downloaded the program cispremium_installer.exe. There you find two little boxes: firewall and antivirus. You have to mark both and you will install the"COMODO Internet Security PREMIUM".
The problem is that this program is not directly listed on COMODO’s homepage under FREE Software. If you look for CIS to buy you only then find a possibility to download CIS for FREE.
I have spent two hours in vain with the two other installers to install the firewall and the antivirus separately one after another. It seems to me that the cfw_installer.exe and cav_installer.exe both have included “PROACTIVE DEFENSE” modules, which could block each other and “freeze” the computer. You will see this if you are comparing the sizes of the three installers! So it is not a bug, it is a safety feature programmed by COMODO experts. Thanks again for their careful programming!
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Perhaps I wasn’t clear. You only need one or the other installer, not both. Just install the firewall or the av, then, after you’ve rebooted, you can select to add the other component from the ‘Start menu/COMODO/ Add and remove components’. Everything is included in both installers and also the cis premium, but as you point out, the premium installer asks which components you wish to install, during the installation.

Hello radaghast,
thank you again for your explanation. You have convinced me showing the two jpg. So please tell me what difference you have when installing CIS compared to the two pass installation of the firewall and antivirus eparately? Is there any difference in behaviour and / or capabilities?
Sorry, in the future I will try to obey your forum rules!
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CIS (Comodo Internet Security Suite) is the Comodo Firewall and Comodo Anti Virus together in one package.

If you installed the firewall first and then decided to also install the AV from “'Start menu/COMODO/ Add and remove components” as Radaghast described then you are running the CIS package. It does not matter if you installed CIS first or installed Firewall first and then the AV.