CFW incompatable software

I can not install comodo firewall due to incompatable programs . how do I find out which programs are incompatable ?

“Who” says “what” is incompatible?

I run CFW installer–> go thru the whole accept the terms–> USA, and I get to “incompatable software is found” and then “Please check the list of incompatable software found on your computer. These applications must be uninstalled before continuing:” It lists “COMODO INTERNET SECURITY 5.x” as the incompatable software.

How can this be, and what can I do to fix it?

If you have any part of CIS installed you should be able to go to Add/Remove programs and click change for CIS then tick or untick required items.

While this is strange indeed.

Hi Clockwork,
Strange yes, but trying to install using a newer/different installer than what is installed already has been known to clash in the past.