CFW gets in the way of CIS Install

Win 7 HP 32bit
Firewall version unknown. It’s not actually there.

Without my doing it, I suddenly found that I had Comodo Firewall instead of CIS. I have no files downloaded that are to install the Firewall, that I can find.

I decided to simply reinstall the CIS. But I am told that the Comodo firewall is stopping the CIS install and has to be manually uninstalled before I can proceed. I can’t uninstall because there is no reference to the firewall in any uninstall facility. AFAICS it was never actually installed, but just appeared.

So I killed all files that I could and did the “brutal”: going through the registry deleting any reference to Comodo.
I still cannot install CIS, because the firewall needs to be uninstalled first.

This could cloud things a little, but I feel I should mention it. At almost the same time I had exactly the same trouble with another programme. It also will not let me install, because a previous install is there. It is otherwise unrelated: Sony Vegas Video Suite.

I realise I may have some deeper trouble here, but if I could try to get rid of this non-existent firewall I would at least feel that a step had been taken and I would feel a lot safer with CIS again installed…

Thanks for any help


EDIT: I tried to reinstall the firewall after downloading the install file, but was also blocked. I have also done a complete system clean

If the new installation is still failing because it believes there are remnants of a prior installation, then it’s possible you have have missed some files/registry entries when you were cleaning. The first thing I’d suggest, is running the Uninstaller Tool for Comodo Products and see where that takes you.

Done! Magic!

My thanks to you and the heroes who developed it.

It looked a bit scratchy a few times, with failures and errors, but it dived into something in the Users area that was probably shared installation stuff.

Every version of Windows seems to scatter its stuff more and more >:-D