CFW Free Setup/Config - How do I set CFW to not to start at boot/re-boot

??? How, or where, do I configure Comodo Firewall Free to “not” run at boot-up? I can then manually start CFW after Windows has installed and running. I do not find any option to not load CFW at start-up.
Thanks. :-TU

I used the Piriform CCleaner Options / Startup and selected CFP.EXE and hit the Disable button.

I use a start-up script that launches a sequence of things after I log in,
and I inserted the magic line
START /I “cfp” “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfp.exe” -h


Thanks for the reply Alan. I believe that I can just “uncheck” CFP in MSCONFIG. I think it will allow me to start CFW manually. I will give it a try. You would think that there would be an option in CFW to auto-start or not CFW when Windows starts (loading/boot-up). :-TU

MSCONFIG is another way to go, but not for me.
I am no masochist and I do not appreciate the aggravation that having fixed the original start-up problem,
upon reboot I am faced with another start-up problem - MSCONFIG is in some Special / Debug mode that I have to fix ! !

CCleaner is a simple one stop solution, no messing, even though its primary mission is to safely remove redundant junk.

If I need something with more options I prefer Autoruns by sysinternals.


If you disable cfp.exe from starting, you are only disabling the GUI.

If you really want to have no firewall you need to stop cmdagent.exe.

True but IMHO wrong.

The OP has the same desire as I, to control the sequence at which things start.

I found that delaying CFP avoided the extra delay of looking for A.V. signatures and reduced start-up conflicts.
Previously when using EST NOD32 I similarly had to postpone its GUI.

I never found the need, nor dreamt of taking the risk, of delaying the services component of protection until the Internet had taken a bash at me.

To disable cmdagent involves messing with start-up services as the computer leaves the BIOS and prepares itself for user login. Hopefully it has taken deep root and will not be budged by the first thing that comes out of the Internet. If cmdagent is postponed the first thing from the Internet could become entrenched and able to defeat Comodo.
Additionally even if the first thing from the Internet came after a delayed activation of cmdagent, I would want definite confirmation that once activated it would be just as permanently secure and resistant to attack as it is with a normal services start-up.


Well whatever maybe … I will eventually figure out what I need to do. So, to every one, thanks for your responses. Adios ya’ll!

To delay programs to a desired extend try Start up delayer.