CFW Detect LAN #2

I use Comodo FW on all my PCs. I’ve noticed that when left for a day or two it will detect a second LAN #2. Is this normal? I usually block access out of paranoia but it happens on ALL machines so I’m guessing is a quirk of nature.

Is this second network safe/neccesary/something? What is it?

You’ll need to provide a little more information regarding the IP addresses detected, for both LAN 1 and 2.

How do I do that? I usually add LAN #2 to blocked zones but cannot even figure out how this time. Regular as clockwork over three PCs on 3 different networks, LAN #2 always makes a showing after a couple of days.

Aha! Hiding in a new tabbed interface!

Well now…

LAN #1 is my own network/internet gateway starting 192. LAN #2 is Not sure if it is the same across three PCs as they are at different residences. But always crop up after a couple of days of fresh install.

If you have a home network, chances are you’re using one or the reserved addresses ranges, probably something like 192.168.1.x/ This will probably equate to LAN #1. The other address you’re seeing is known as an APIPA (Automatic Private IP Address) and falls within the range An APIPA address is issued to a PC, on a private network, when a DHCP server is unavailable, or cannot be contacted. There is no reason to block this.

OK, thanks. Was feeling paranoid! Will unblock & consider myself educated.