cfw blocking internet time program

I use Comodo Firewall, 4.1.150349.920 updated today. OS is XP Pro 64bit, all current updates. I had been running the immediately previous version of CFW and ALL programs ram correctly. One of the programs is SocketWatch by Robomagic. After installing the latest CFW, the program does NOT run. It attempts (as always previously) to access several time servers and while they all OK’d in the past, now they all time out and the computer time correction fails. I have not been able to find how to enable the program (CFW reports “Does not seem to be a signed executable”).

I have uninstalled CFW and SocketWatch, re-booted and then re-installed Socket Watch and then CFW. Same problem. Something changed in CFW…no other programs installed or existing programs updated. Only change was the new version of CFW.

Please, someone, tell me how to fix this. I have used SocketWatch for several years, and in fact it isworking properly on my XP Pro 32bit laptop right now, even with the current CFW installed. HELP!

Can you try this?

  • Try to add the SocketWatch application as trusted application (Firewall > Common Tasks > Define a New Trusted Application)
  • Ist this application in “My pending file” (was this application sandboxed)? If yes, then move it to “My own safe file” if this application ist safe, of corse.