CFW 5.12 - Win 8 - rules for uTorrent

When i installed CFW 5.10 and uTorrent on Win 7 in my pc, I manually created some rules for the torrent to allow\block UDP\TFP access to the web through the router\modem [see first img: C:\Program files (x86)\uTorent\uTorrent.exe].

Now that I have installed CFW 5.12 and uTorrent on Win 8, I notice that CFW has automatically created 4 rules only to allow in\out for UDP and FTP but no rule to block requests that do not correspond (see second img).

uTorrent works properly but I wonder if surfing the web is secure with the only allowing rules or i have better delete them and create new ones ad hoc as per CFW 5.10 on Win 7?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hello first of all I know it’s not the right place to say and I’m sorry about that, I’m the new member of this forum and I’ve just joined this forum a while ago. this is going to be my very first post.
Actually the thing is If you’re not having any problem then don’t go for win 7 if win 8 has create automatically 4 rules and you have no issue with these rules then why you’re thinking about to go back for an old version of your operating system?