CFW has been released!

I would like to announce the availability of Comodo Firewall at

If you have previous versions of CFW installed, you can use automatic updating functionality to update your copies.

You can check the release history for “What’s New” section.


I too noticed that boot times took about 5 seconds longer for me. But other then that, everything is great!

Sorry to be ignorant but where are the release notes? Thanks.


No problems here, same great runner. I don’t know if dumping the OLE attempts is fixed yet but i’ll wait until I get one.



No worries, I just noticed my system startup is a few seconds slower, but I still get the excellent performance I always have out of my system ;).

LOL, I know , just my report is all,loll. I still have that problem when and OLE occurs, if denied, I can’t access the internet until I allow it, this defeats the purpose of blocking it, then i have to restart, it’s becoming a nuisance. Any ideas?



Guess im also having problems with this OLE,2840.0.html

Is it bad?


The reason you are not able to access internet after you click deny is because you are telling the firewall to deny your browser internet access. Therefor you must use the Allow option.

Hi Justin, I understand this but the problem is this…if I delete the application using the OLE method, delete registry etc…it still comes up even after and I can no longer access the internet unless I restart. Now hating to bring up the forsaken days of ZA, when I denied the app, I could still connect to the internet. CPF should still allow the parent eg…IE without blocking the internet or keeping this information even after the application is gone. See my confusion? lol. There must be a work around.


Ya I see your confusion now, and thanks to you, you have left me confused as well lol ;D

I have updated mine today, but the tooltip seems to be incorrect still… This is fixed as per the release notes.

Says “Comodo Firewall is being initialized…” forever!

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Do u have installed THREE firewalls?haha. ZA, Jetico and Comodo :o ::slight_smile:
I think you must install only a FW.


No, no, just Comodo.

The icons of BitMeter and BandwidthMonitor are deceptively similar to what you mentioned! (:WAV)

i have that same problem, intermittently. recently it hasn’t been doing it. it is my understanding tech support is aware of this glitch. hopefully they’ll get a fix for it soon. in the meantime, comodo continues to be the best free firewall i have ever used.

Hi! I’m new to the forum and sort of new to Comodo. I’ve been running Comodo on my new HP for about a month now with no problems until I updated to CFW After the autoupdater told me that the firewall was updated I started experiencing problems with my internet browsers. I normally run Firefox (currently running The problem is this:

when I try to view a website all I get is what looks like html. About 1 time out of 10 refreshes it’ll show me the actual web page albiet with some minor format error or instances where only half of a graphic will load. I switched to IE and the problem there was a little different but still there. In IE the page would load but it would have random letters here and there in odd places on the page.
When I deactivate Comodo and run Windows Firewall these problems cease. Anyone experiencing the same thing? Or does anyone have a thought on the matter?

I really liked Comodo’s performance up to this point and would like to continue to use it if this problem would go away. Thanks so much for your help.

Hi Paul,

up until tonight, I wasn’t really sure what you meant by this, but then I ran the cpil leaktest, denied it, and then could not access internet (using Firefox) until I allowed cpil just once to modify the parent app. After that there were no issues. However, I do see what you mean, because even allowing just once for a malicious app to modify the parent app could wreak havoc!

But you know, if it means having to restart the machine or Comodo to get around this in order to prevent a malicious process from running a free-for-all, then maybe it isn’t so bad. Anyways, at least I understand what you mean now, even though I am indulging in a couple of Molson Canadian’s -LOL! BTW, this release is otherwise running very well for me too :slight_smile:

That could be why you understand as you said, :wink: :smiley: Yes, even if you delete the program or registry, Comodo keeps this in memory. Now while I trust that I know how to delete something properly, it still bothers me to let it through, even if it’s just in memory. So either you don’t access the internet or you allow the possibly malicious OLE which I don’t care for. I think i’ll post this in the bug section see what happens since this isn’t the place for it. I have a habbit of answering or posting out of topic, i’ll cut of a finger tonight, lol.



@cprtech: made the same experience with cpil leaktest like you.
i think it’s a problem with cpf still remembering deleted rules until next reboot.

@postholedigger: made the same experience with websites not loading everxthing like they should. i thoght it was a failure of my computer, but after switching cpf off loading of the websites work flawless. mostly websites with frames and php like shops/email are concerned.

anyway, i have the feeling, that cpf does not apply rules immediatly, wether for applications nor for network rules. i think i have to reboot everytime i change a rule to be really sure that it is activated.

I currently have CFW BETA installed. Running Win 2000 Pro. I would like to update to the CFW The update button on the Beta program does not allow me to update to the new version.

Should I uninstall the Beta version before installing the new version or will it install right over the Beta version?