cfpupdat.exe causing my computer to freeze and lock up

So today I decided to run a virus scan and it went off fine. Then later in the day my computer just started hard locking up. I had to completely power it down and restart it. I thought possibly my hard drive was failing or even a major problem with the computer. The computer had been working exceptionally until today. So I’m browsing task manager and at the time of each lockup I see cfpupdat.exe launching.

I couldn’t uninstall comodo quick enough and all the problems have stopped. This is the second time I’ve had an issue with the updater, but nothing so severe. The last time scan just stopped working.

What version of Comodo are you running?

Perhaps I can add some more info

3.12.111745.560 (through update)
virus sig 2527

Both my desktop running XP pro and my laptop running Vista basic appear to have been affected by a similar problem. Although I am not sure what virus database the laptop was on, both machines became badly locked up before the weekend (about 8-9 Oct).

I uninstalled Comodo on the laptop, which was badly locked up and had to go into safe mode to do that. I reverted to 3.10.102363.531, which is the last version that I could use with that nasty GameGuard thing without a BSOD (or at least with the version of it that Rappelz uses).

My XP box appears to be fine after uninstalling and then installing a fresh download of 3.12.111745.560