cfpupdat.exe and cfpsbmit.exe application errors (V3.0.12 x32) [BUGREPORT]

Well, this didn’t take long, did it? Told CFP to check for updates.

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Could you please include some more information?

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Works okay for me using the CFP 32-bit version.


Yes CFP 32 aok here?

I’m beginning to suspect you have a problem with your PC nelgin, considering the problems you experienced with 2.4 and now this…

Funny, my PC was perfectly fine before loading the software.

Never had an app failure, never had a BSOD (not that this have given me one), never have I had my ability to connect to the local network destroyed. No, I don’t believe it’s my PC.

I don’t know what I did, but it was sending some info about some new ‘unknown’? files in ‘my pending files’ list and just crashed. It did generate a microsoft error report and send it via email to Comodo’s tech support.

Did this always happen? Or only certain files?

I usually receive 3 errors in a row running cfpupdat.exe or cfpsbmit.exe when I attempt a connection using start or submit buttons
I have a P4 HT, My system internet browser is Firefox, OS: XP sp2 32bit, AV: Avast Other Security Apps: COMODO Memory Guardian 1.6 Beta
Since this is very annoying I looked for more info using Dependency Walker

The issue is related to RASAPI32.DLL (Base Address 0x76ea0000)

Using Dependency Walker profiling function I got no error but I noticed that RASAPI32.DLL is loaded only when i press the start or submit buttons…

I guess that something prevents RASAPI32.DLL from loading when Dependency Walker is not used to launch cfpupdat.exe or cfpsbmit.exe

  • The instruction at “0x76ea3cd9” referenced memory at “0x76ea3cd9”. That memory could not be “written”(translated)
  • The instruction at “0x76eaa773” referenced memory at “0x76eaa773”. That memory could not be “written”(translated)
  • The instruction at “0x76ea32a5” referenced memory at “0x76ea32a5”. That memory could not be “written”(translated)

This morning while logging onto my system, I was informed by CFP that an update was available for the FW and would be downloaded. After that I received a pop-up error window indicating that cfpupdate had crashed. I later ran the update process again and this time there was no error. All I have is the DrWatson log. There was no dump file created.


IBM T41 Laptop
Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1700MHz
1GB Memory
Windows XP + SP2 + WUS security Fixes
Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition

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Well, I was away for the weekend, turned my computer off while I was gone, so did a fresh reboot. Now Comodo Firewall keeps crashing. I am going to get a drwatson log and post it. I’m still getting the application error when I try to run update. I’ll probably go ahead and uninstall, remove the ■■■■ it leaves behind in the registry, reboot, reinstall and if it still craps out then I’ll move on to another product.

Thanks to MikeH;msg106700#msg106700

I finally found out that disabling DEP for the afflicted Comodo apps solve the issue.

New bug?

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