cfpudat.exe keeps downloading for hours, hogging 100% CPU

I just wanted to report that I had the exact same problem as in the post “Update forever ‘installing’, but that post is closed b/c it’s marked 'Resolved.” But I had the same problem on the same day, so I think there might be a problem.

That is, yesterday, Comodo Internet Security (cfpudat.exe) kept downloading for HOURS, hogging 100% of the CPU.

I had to manually uninstall, go to the website, and re-download it.

I am having the same problem too - although not 100% resource hogging, just 50%. Still, my computer’s temperature is running at 70 degrees (Celsius) while cfpupdat.exe runs - not a good sign!

Hey Liz & Omega and and warm welcome to comodo forums!

Could you tell me what other security software is running and which security software you had installed?

Valentin N

Having the same problem, mine takes 50% of dual core CPU

[to NotAV]: hey and warm welcome to comodo forums!

[to all]: Please tell me what version of CIS you use and other active programs you have running, what did you have before CIS? I would apperciate if you could make a screenshot of defense+ events (CIS → defense+ → view defense+ events)

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Valentin N

Have been running COMODO for years, problem started about a month ago. Processes running haven’t changed much in past year. Running on XP Home SP3

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did you upgrade CIS before you had CIS 5.3?

Valentin N

Yes. Have upgraded for past few years

Before I begin to explain a solution I want you to know that I am interested of knowing and trying to solve the issue that’s causing the high cpu usage but sometimes it helps to solve it by reinstalling it.


1) Download CIS 5.3 32bit/64bit and CIS clean-up tool

2) Uninstall CIS and then use CIS clean-up tool as admin in safe mode (press F8-button after the computer logo)

3) Install CIS 5.3 as admin in normal mode.

Valentin N

In other words, will have to answer/allow requests for hundreds of normal programs all over again?

normally that would be the case if you don’t extract your settings and you “extract” by going to CIS → more → Manage my configurations → Export (give your file a name). After CIS is installed go in safe mode and import the saved settings.

Valentin N

The cfpudat.exe is hogging my CPU 80 to 99% and never ends downloading. I have AVG 10.0.x also running. >:(