cfpres.dll not found in comodo startup folder? [RESOLVED]

Comodo started reporting that is could not find the cfpres.dll and for me to check that it was in the comodo folder.
“Please check that application folder has this file”

Comodo has been running for months and getting upgrades as it requests.

All I see is something called cfpres.dll5 in the Comodo directory

I can not uninstall comodo either! I get the same message


thank you

Check the repair folder and move a copy of cfpres.dll to the main folder. Or rename it without the 5 but may be corrupted.

found solution on this web site…
found the cfpres.dll in a subfolder of Comodo and moved it to the primary Comodo folder.

I was then able to load comodo… and I assume I could uninstall it if I so choose to