Cfpres.dll, Broken unremoveable drivers, uneeded stress

Greetings to all.
Firstly, I would like to say that ive enjoyed using Comodo Products since I discovered the fine v2 firewall.
However, things have lately been not so brilliant…
Firstly, I have tried both .276 and .273 and found that a little important file has been missing from both these versions, cfpres.dll. Im surprised this has been overlooked as its needed for the Firewall to start or even uninstall.
Next, recently upgrading from 13.273 to 14.276 completely destroyed my PCs connectivity leaving me with no choice but to format my machine.
I did nothing wrong, but the Miniports decided to break, I couldnt uninstall them for some unknown reason, and since I couldnt get here to search for help, I had to reinstall Vista. Diagnosis did nothing special except give me a log I couldnt understand but saved anyway.
I am quite dissapointed at this but hell you get what you pay for. So, Can I reinstall 14.276 fresh with no problems or will I be battling upstream like a salmon again, because im in no mood to have to format again over something so minor?
Thank you.

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Hi there Saleck, sorry you had to go through that. There seem to be a few problems, though maybe not as severe as yours popping up lately and we’re trying to get to the bottom of why.

As a matter of diagnosis, do you or did you have either Comodo Memory Guardian or the new beta of CMF running at the time?

It has been suggested that a clean install could solve problems if you tried to install the patch over your previous version. I’m not sure whether you want to install it or see what happens in the future. If you decide to reinstall these might help you:

  1. Export your .273 settings
  2. Uninstall, boot, install .276
  3. Export you default .276 settings
  4. Run .276 for a while with the .276 settings being modified by the firewall and d+ activities to see how things work in the new .276 environment
  5. Export .276 revised settings
  6. Now import your .273 settings if desired; go back to item 5) if you have problems


Let us know please,


Hi there! Thanks for the quick reply.
I have never heard of Comodo Memory Guardian or CMF until you mentioned them I’m afraid.
I am wanting to reinstall the firewall but I believe i’ll wait for a new version with the problems i’ve described fixed.

Saleck, thanks for the reply.

Comodo Memory Guardian is a product developed by Comodo meant to protect against buffer overflow attacks. CMF (Comodo Memory Firewall) is the new beta of the same product meant to integrate with the firewall (eventually) to provide even more protection. Sorry to hear that the firewall hasn’t worked out for you. I’ll be following the problem closely and if anything gets resolved or anymore info gets passed along to us I’ll try and remember to get back here. I sure hope you’ll stick around with Comodo or at least consider the firewall in the future, it’s bound to be a great piece of software.