"cfpconfig.exe" unrecognized & untrusted?

I don’t understand…

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After I received the ‘not recognized’ alert message I added “cfpconfig.exe” to “My Pending Files” and ran a lookup with the illustrated result… “Untrusted”?

Granted, Defense+ is set to “Clean PC Mode.” But, well, I don’t understand. Shouldn’t all the CFP executables be in the trusted programs list. Does this indicate that my CFP installation isn’t working 100%?


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What did you do to cause this alert? I have never gottin an alert like that. Your better off doing a complete uninstall and reinstall. Use Revo Uninstaller in advanced mode and when Comodo says reboot, don’t and click next on Revo. Then delete all registry and program entires then reboot.

Hi Vettetech,

I wasn’t doing much of anything except trying to familiarize myself with CFP’s new interface. I had the control panel opened at the Defense+ section, selecting various items to examine the contents, and clicked on “Scan My System.”

The scan process immediately started which surprised me 'cause I was expecting to navigate to another informational dialog which would permit me to modify settings, cancel, or go ahead with the scan. Anyway, the scan started and that popped open the alert message which I thought was odd so I performed an Alt+PrtSc on the alert box. Then I accepted the alert message default settings… allow & remember… which closed the alert message.

At that point I canceled the scan. Out of curiosity I checked the Comodo program folder to verify that “cfpconfig.exe” is a CFP executable. Still curious, I opened “My Pending Files,” browsed to the Comodo programs folder and added that file, and performed a lookup. Now I’m just repeating myself. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the tip on “Revo Uninstaller.” Never heard of it but I GOOGLED it and it looks very interesting, so I downloaded v1.5 and will check it out at some point.

At this point I’m not real sure there’s anything wrong with my CFP installation. I took great pains to thoroughly uninstall CFP v2.4 a few days ago. Before uninstalling CFP I disabled Windows firewall and triple checked that, disabled networking, disabled AVG real-time scanning and shut it down, set CFP to permit all traffic and shut it down, etc.

Then I cleaned all traces of Comodo from the registry using “jv16 Power Tools.” Then I installed CFP v3 according to the guide I found here in the forum.

I think I’m running out of login time… shoulda known it may take me more than an hour to get my thought together!

Anyway, are you serious… do you really think, at this point, I need to go through all that again for an issue like this? I know I’m the one that broached the topic, but I’m having second thoughts that my installation maybe defective.

If you add the executable in question to “My Pending Files” and perform a lookup what result do you get?


I just did a scan but I never got a pop up alert about cfp. I actually never use the scanner. You don’t have to uninstall Comodo if everything else is working right. It only takes 5 min actually at the most. It was just an idea to see what happens. As far as my pending files I don’t use that either cause I have D+ in train with safe mode instead of clean pc mode.

Hi Vettetech,

Thanks for your suggestions and comments. I’ve only had CFP v3 installed for a few days. It’s a rather big change from the CFP v2 interface not to mention the functional changes!

Except for this single sort of non-issue issue with the “unrecognized” CFP scanner executable I haven’t encountered anything that leads me to believe CFP v3 isn’t working as advertised. I guess it will just take a little while for my comfort level to get back up to where it was with CFP v2. :slight_smile:

I think I’ve read enough posts to grasp the difference between Defense+ “Clean PC Mode” and “Train with Safe Mode,” but I’m going to leave that setting alone for now. I guess “Clean PC Mode” is the default setting, because that’s the setting I found after installation. I see the Defense+ learning message popups from time to time.

Thanks for your time and the tip about that uninstaller.


You can stop those learning balloon tips by right clicking on the systray icon.

Thanks for the tip! Right now I still think it’s kind of cool, to see what’s going on, but I admit the balloon sometimes gets in the way.