"cfpconfg.exe" stops working

Have had 4 or 5 reports on my Comodo stopping within past month on my Vista Problems/Solutions report. Reported it to Microsoft but received response they had no solutions. (My Threatwork App also stopping.) Did believe system was hijacked again after a full recovery… until last week. Don’t think Comodo was recognizing Intruder’s takeover as a “BUILTIN ADMINISTRATOR” using Group Policy under Advanced Security. Each time, I checked Comodo and ran the vulnerability analyzer, etc., but everything seemed okay. Did have problem with Windows Firewall coming on frequently but that has stopped now also.

I’m still not certain I have locked out the Intruder but can get on/off Internet now and am not running into all of the “Access Denied” popups on files or finding unknown recent activity. Tried downloading your Comodo System Cleaner several times but can’t so have no way to determine if Comodo security is truly operating or, if it is, if it understands my Intruder is unwelcome and I do NOT network. Would uninstall/reinstall but am not able to reinstall other programs and fear I would lose Comodo.

Dell wants me to do another recovery but would prefer to make certain what I need is running and then clean up.

Running Vista Home Prem 32-bit, Comodo IS, avast AV, AdAware (can’t uninstall), SuperAntispyware and Windows Defender.