CFP3 Won't uninstall

I’ve never used Comodo, but I’ve heard so many great things about it, I told a friend who was looking for something good, but free. I told him to download Comodo. Big mistake!!! As soon as he downloaded it, he lost his internet connection. He tried to uninstall Comodo, but it didn’t work. I’m assuming that the registry still has Comodo showing up. He’s telling me that Comodo is still saying that it’s on. He turned off Windows firewall(which he should have turned off before installing Comodo), but he still can’t get a connection. I’ve been checking the forums for him to try to help. He can’t download anything because he doesn’t have a connection. Please tell me what I can do to help him. I found a post by pandlouk that I think may help. However, it’s for version 2. It’s reply number 13. Do I need to tell him to do this in safemode? All he wants is his internet connection back. Please help.

Please read here. Its under important topics. Also download Winsock repair. What version did he download? What other security is he running?

I am having quite a few inconveniences with my connection too after installing COMODO v3. I am going to try the instructions suggested, but I really have my doubts about an application that gives so many problems once you want to remove it.

Can’t download. How else can I get the file?

This is the direct link to it


If we used the Dell recovery disc, would that work to at least get the internet connection back?

If you internet connection dropped, I sujest using windows restore to an earlier point, that should fix it .

If it has something to do with IP changing please take a look in this thread (I’m sorry it’s a bit long :slight_smile:


Have your friend download the batch file and instructions and burn them on a cd or floppy or usb drive stick.

With your permission, I could e-mail the file to you. Then you can store it on a USB drive or other external device of some sort.