CFP3 took up 100% of my CPU after install [Closed]

XP HOME ,SP2. using Comodo CFP 2 for about 2 years now. Switched from Norton AV.
Have been very pleased with CFP’s seeming effect.

HP Pavilion notebook ZE 4230, 1.8Ghz, 512 RAM

Received a message via update in Comodo on Nov. 22, 2007 to update CFP 2 to CFP3 and went ahead, downloaded and allowed computer to upgrade. Installed V3 and reboot.

Then my CPU got clogged and 100% was consumed, apparently due to a Defense feature, or some such thing.

I have software called Process Explorer and it showed Comodo Agent doing all the CPU hogging.

Could not use any other software as 100% was being consumed, 96 to 98% of that to Comodo agent!

After one hour got too frustrated and went to System Restore and restored to a point prior to CFP3.

Now back to v 2 and wondering what went wrong? How long must the Comodo Agent do its thing?

Ought I stay away from v 3 until bugs get taken out?

Please advise install settings if it is recommended to install the new version.

Thanks in advance ,

This problem is discussed here:

Please close this thread.

Thank you, posted my topic onto the bug topic forum. Will close the thread, but still seeking a solution if one is available,

Will look to Bug topic forum for suggestions.

can’t figure out how to close this thread as directed, but please consider this thread— CLOSED —
and go to suggested link above.