CFP3 really, really needs a search function!


i guess i´m not alone with that opinion, it´s almost impossible to find the most simple things in Comodo - just too much & scattered menues. I was searching for the spot, where closed applications could be disallowed to use connections, i searched like mad.

Now i tested wallbreaker3, in order to check it i had to allow it once. Do you think i´m able, to find it again? no way! There are perhaps 1000 files in the “pending files”, which i cannot check, because it´s too much. There should be a function, that´s able to spot the place, where current actions are shown (“aargh, what did i just do?? show me where this happened, so i can undo it”), sort of MRU. I spend hours of searching for things in Comodo. This is an awesome program, but you can improve it by making it yet easier to use.


I hear ya. I suffered from the very same frustration initially, and agree that would a groovy addition to the machine.
Eventually though, I had to become more diligent with my CFP3 practices and now try to address the pending files as they come and before they accumulate beyond simple comprehension.
The more I began to monitor and examine the details of these utilities, the more I came to appreciate their comprehensive (while seemingly overly thorough) structure.
Now I check and allocate pending files often and after any installation (purging the non-existent files from the list is most helpful).
They are usually in chronological order as well (top to bottom) if not mistaken.
Who knows, maybe we’ll see a search function before too long… :■■■■

No need for a search button. Your firewall rules are under Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy. Your D+ rules are under D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy. As far as pending files simple purge\look up and remove. If you don’t want pending files then put D+ in train with safe mode. Hope this makes sense. BTW Comodo has an awesome help file under Miscellaneous\Help.

If you’re in the Computer Security Policy window, you can use CTRL+F to search. Unfortunately, sometimes CFP will crash soon thereafter.

Another thing, CFP3 lacks very badly, there seems no mouse wheel support in the pending files window, nor possibility to check lots of files via shift, as in windows. That means, i cannot scroll without using the scroll handles & i have to check every single file by klicking in that tiny checkbox. I have a zillion dlls from the service pack in the pending files, & would have to click for hours. Maybe this is also to consider for the Comodo staff. thx.

Or you can simply type in text without ctrl+f. For me there is no any crash since bug was fixed.

well, i´ve looked in both places & couldn´t find the place where wallbreaker.exe was allowed. Since it´s opening just a DOS box, it´s maybe only some prove of concept thing. Another thing, when looking into the computer security policy, there is a strange folder among the entries

when clicking on it, it reads “you need to edit my file groups”. Yeah very nice, but where IS “my file groups”??
Maybe it´s a dangerous file, since i can´t look up any information, what this is.

Would it be so bad, if there would be the information “you need to edit my file groups, please look in firewall → advanced → xyz”? That´s what i mean, when i say it´s too puzzling.

I use Logitech Set Point and mouse wheel works fine for me. You do not have to scroll through all your pending files. Simply click the check mark on the top left and then click purge. Then remove the remaining the same way. Takes 10 seconds or so.

It works here, too, except in the pending files. I now purged the files (i knew how to check all, the question was, how to check a block of maybe hundred entries more comfortably), & the modified & new files were kept. I assume, that´s how it´s supposed to be. But i yet have to learn, what´s the exact purpose of the pending files. thx!

Switch D+ to “train with safe mode” instead of “clean pc mode” that way there you wont have to deal with pending files.

yep, that´s what i set it to, currently, both D+ & Firewall.

That’s very possible, since I am using an older version.

Agree here. Search function is needed.

Ok don’t get angry with me but I have over 250 program installed on my desktop pc and my laptop. Thats right over 250. I have never had a problem scrolling through them and finding what I need. I also have taken the time to put all System32 programs together. My games together. My as and av together. All other program are just there. The only thing I think needs improvement is having things listed alphabetically like ZA does.

Wow, I am shocked. Another problem Vettetech has never, ever seen… 88)

(R) (CLY)

Ok. I will agree that CFP v3 has been amazingly stable for the last few releases; UI annoyances persist, but it is very, very good. (:LOV)
Sort of like watching the cutting of a fine diamond, this development.

For a system application, it is very, very well behaved.

To Melih and egemen and team:
Good job, thanks for giving me something that wasn’t available before. (:CLP)

Sorry you don’t agree with me but i have Comodo running on both my laptop and desktop. I have used 3.0 since it was released and it never gave me a bit of trouble at all. I also keep my system very clean and tidy. I always do complete uninstalls of any program and I clean out my registry. I make it a habit to make a restore point before I ever uninstall or install anything. I never get BSOD’s either. Been on the same install of XP for 5 years now on my desktop. My laptop is a new Dell WOW edition laptop.

Thank you axl. we really appreciate the compliment.


Maybe not just a search option, but also a sorting option(sort by name, path, security policy applied etc.)