CFP3: mistake in setting (Lern Mode) > every Win32-Application don't start

Hallo Folks,

I have a problem with the latest Version from Comodo Firewall 3.0 (download forward 2-4 day’s).

My C-Partition must be recovered, with a Image-Tool.
ZoneAlarm is my Firwall again.

Hope I can describe my problem (out recollection)

  1. unistall ZoneAlarm
  2. install CFP3
  3. testing in lernmode
  4. start thunderbird
  5. in the caution-Box from CFP3 I click alow and System Application or exterm App. on
  6. after this click every Application can’t start.
  7. A Message-Box from XP show’s

The xyz.exe is not a win32 Application. It’s the same with system-apps. from XP!!!
After a reboot, my PC have not service-icon on the right side from the taskbar near the clock.

My System:
XP Home German (Media-Edition) with SP2
Antivir from Avira
The system is up to date.


Another Question:
Your Leak Test is only successful in Block-Mode. Is this correct?!

I wait upon the German-Version, for the next test.

Excuse me for my broken english.

Regards from Munich, Bavaria :■■■■

You are not alone!! I have had the same problem and have gone back to Version 2.4 which works 100%!
Once this problem occurs it can be de installed in safe mode (worked for me). I am sure the guys here are on the case and will sort soon so my advice is wait for a update!



it was not my mistake! puuuuh

This is a big bug >:(

With F8 (don’t knows) in safe mode XP starting and uninstall is
the right recipe!


Hi, couple of questions:

  1. Which additional security applications, if any, are you running?
  2. Which other applications are resident (load at start-up)?



this is:

AntiVir from Avira
AVG Antispyware Free
Ghost 9.0 from Symatec


This is an issue that’s being investigated. For now you can try this fix to see if it makes a difference:

Disable Image Execution Control: Defense±>Advanced->Image Execution Control


I have forgot Babylon Translator

I am in the firm, not in front of my home-PC.

It’s a problem with the Babylon Translator?

With a hot key from Babylon translator I translate single words
from CPF V3.

Your advice are testing in the next time!


Would be best to wait until you can translate it. It’s a possible fix/solution, something that may help…