CFP3 Interface

Please, please, please… keep the same interface as CFP2 8). I know it’s still early days (alpha) with CFP3 but I just (:LOV) CFP2’s interface. I know design isn’t as important as features but it would be a shame to loose that classic blue GUI.


Since CFP 3 supports “Themes” (skins) then I guess somebody could make a blue classic GUI theme. Would that do?

I actually like the new look, it goes with a more modern look which is needed, but we are getting skins! (:WIN)

CFP 3 will add many new features including a new interface, maybe Comodo or a user will release a classic blue skin for those who don’t like the new interface.

Personally I liked the idea of the new interface I just think they should add more color to it.

I’m aware alot of users prefer the new interface but personally, I think the new interface has taken a coulpe of steps back. It doesn’t seem as well laid out as CFP2 or blend together as well (if you know what I mean). That said, I will be looking forward to newer skins ;D.


…and I need something to match my Windows XP visual style: Mac OS style with brushed metal. ;D

I’m sure some nice extra skins will pop up. If not from Comodo, from users. If it ain’t too difficult I may create something myself :wink:


I guess the new interface is vista styled.

The blue interface of CFP2 is xp styled.

I would like to have such two interfaces.


Yes I hope Comodo releases a tool so we can create skins for version 3.

Maybe there will be a way to send them to Comodo and they will upload them on the Comodo Firewall site like avast! does with the avast! skins


If CFP 3.0 had an open interface were it possible to hijack CFP 3.0?


Unfortunately I didn’t use CPF 2, so I can only comment on this Alpha release interface.

I remember when XP was first released and so many people COMPLAINED that it had all this “color” & rounded corners, and it looked like Teletubbies, or a Comic Book (2 descriptions commonly used), and tons of folks were screaming that they wanted their drab, squarish, greyish/brown of W98 back…LOL!
What a laugh that was, I couldn’t believe that so many people were that upset over some color finally being added to their OS, it was truly unreal. I mean…the world is full of Color but they wanted…drab and lifeless in their computers.
Then when Vista was released I had to ask myself just what all those original XP complainers would think of their OS now… :o

Personally, I applaud the addition of Color and Splash to things, brightens them up IMHO, and with todays High Def monitors & high powered graphics engines just “begging” for something to do…the more the better!

Interfaces change as time passes and new versions are released, that’s one way to make a new version Distinct from the others is to change the interface. I must confess that I also fall in love with older interfaces at times, basically because I’ve just grown so accustomed to where everything is probably, but I make a concerted effort to learn the new interface functions and allow my programs to evolve over time…(just as we’re supposed to also).
I think skins are a great way to change things up too!! There are allot of very artistic users out there, and giving them the opportunity to put that to use in making skins can make for some interesting results.