CFP3 - Integral anti-virus scanner and 3rd party AV software [RESOLVED]

I’m right in thinking that CFP3 has an integrated AV scanner?

So, won’t this potentially conflict with any 3rd party AV software? I’d always thought that having 2 AV products running together on 1 PC is not a good idea, as they can potentially fight each other.

Can anyone answer this one please?

The AV in CFP 3 is only on-demand (Meaning there is no Real time protection). It’s only the basic Scanner off the next CAV 3. Where the full-blown CAV 3 should be at the end off this month, As well as CIS (Comodo Internet Security) Which will have full CFP 3+CAV3 integrated.

You’re safe to use another AV.


Great! Thanks for that. :■■■■

No problem :slight_smile:

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