CFP3 having trouble with 169.254.x.x address[BUGREPORT]

WinXP Pro SP2 all updates current
Avast Pro 4.7 updated
Super Antispyware
LinkScanner Pro
CMG latest beta

Well, a bug finally bit me. When I booted up this morning CFP3 could not see an internet connection even though I have an always on DSL connection.

The problem is when the pc can’t get a connection and gets assigned an IP of 169.254.x.x then a popup comes up from CFP3 finding the new network(169.254.x.x) and I rename the rule and ok it. This is fine as this is what it is supposed to do. The killer is the firewall will not let you open the GUI from then on so you can fix it. There is also no icon in the systray and using the desktop icon doesn’t work either. Both of the firewall processes are shown in Task Manager and of course they can’t be killed.

Once this happens then the only way I found to fix it is to uninstall/reinstall the firewall as a reboot does not fix it. CFP3 is in limbo from then on.

The rest of my programs work fine and the system doesn’t freeze up during this time.

No problem as I have my configuration file saved.


EDIT: I just remembered that I did install NMap yesterday and the firewall was very active(popups and install mode) while I was doing the install but I did reboot afterwards and did not have any trouble then. This is the only change from the time that I had no trouble until now when I did have trouble.