CFP3 and XP SP3/Vista SP1

I decided to install Win XP XP3 on my desktop and Vista(Home Premium) SP1 on my laptop. For some reason CFP3 is now the last one to load/pop up at the start up bar and it’s takes more time than usual for it to pop up. Before the installed SP’s CFP3 usually comes in at 2nd when it comes to start up. Is this a big problem? Does it mean CFP3 is not loading correctly or something?

Both desktop and laptop are a fresh install just to avoid any random problems.

I’m a little bit paranoid when it comes to sudden changes after installing SP’s.

What you are seeing pop up is just the GUI access icon. The working parts are loaded very early, starting with kernel level drivers early in the boot sequence. Take a look at for some load sequence discussions.

I read the topic and it’s kind of technical and looks like theres some unanswered questions. So whats happening to my CF3 right now normal or safe?

Sounds fine to me. With Vista SP1, the CFP3 icon is nearly the last thing that I see come up.

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Ok thanks! I guess that explains it.

Woops forgot one thing… CFP3 seems to be a bit slow when I click on the tabs and links in the UI… is that normal?

This was a problem in older versions of Comodo but has since been addressed. What version are you using?

The latest version… Could the service pack be causing the slowdown in the interface?


I read the topic and I’m not getting any high cpu usages… everything is normal on that part. I guess soon MS would do an update or something.

I have been using CFP3 (safe mode) without problems until I installed SP3 for Win XP Pro. Now any setting except disabled block all internet access. Any ideas?

I have installed SP3 on 10 machines with Comodo and no problems. Did you block something that wasnt suppose to be blocked? What do your logs say?

Hi Guys,

I can confirm what Vettetech said - no problems after installing XP SP3 regarding "slow tabs and link as in initial request. I have only one “slow link”, which is Diagnostics, but it always been like that as far as I remember.

Re: other issue as in the link by Soyabeaner
I may tell the opposite - the system is more responsive, the boot time reduced, etc.

The only thing I may add because I don’t know how SP3 was installed on troubled comps. is that I did standalone installation with all other security SW completely shutdown.
Not just AV guard disabled from SysTray as MS suggested, but all security programs / their related services shutdown / disabled / system rebooted … complete virginity.
I did not touch any of those ~47 services disabled during SP2, they remained silent.
I disabled several other services after week or two of new SP3 life. That’s all.
Sure as any MS installation of that scale and less :slight_smile: some permissions were broken… they cannot possibly do without it… but that was fixed and it is actually different issue - Offtopic here

My regards