CFP3 and Superantispyware

Defence+ doesnt remember when i say allow for Superantispyware Pro…
so every time i start my computer i have to click allow…

And when i Update i have to say allow every time to, to the SSUPDATE.EXE both for Defence+ and Firewall…

(the SSUpdate.exe is the one located in “C:\Documents and Settings\My name\Local Settings\Temp”)

and i think its SSupdate.exe thats the problem.

It just keep making new rules for the SSupdate.exe

the computer security policy and network security policy was full of Applications from SSupdate.exe.

I tryed to delete them and set firewall and defence+ to training mode. and SSupdate.exe just gets added every time i update…

That should only happen if it gets modified. It probably keeps replacing ssupdate.exe when you update.

Ya i think SSupdate.exe gets replaced every time i update. but its still annoying i have to accept every time.

BTW CFP3 have also crashed a few times here… and have to logout and then back in before i could do anything with CPF3 igain…

Well I just uninstalled 2.4 and installed 3.0 with no problems. I have SuperAntiSPyware also and it works fine with me.

Put Comodo Network Defense on “Training” then launch SAS. After its learned then go back to “training -safe mode”

i have done that. but then if i update igain i still have to accept…

i cant live with that i have to set firewall/defence+ to Training mode every time SAS wants to update… then every 7 days i can remove like 100 applications from “computer security policy” and “network security policy”

Add ssupdate.exe to “My Own Safe Files” under the Defence+ tab.

i have tryed it doesnt help… and its BOTH firewall and Defence+ where i have to accept…

And SSupdate.EXE gets added 2 times to “Computer Security Policy” and 2 times to “Network Security Policy” each time it updates…

I dont know hat to tell you. My cousin has SAS and installed Comodo 3.0 with no problems. Delete all entires of SAS in Comodo or go into defense rules and modify it. I have done this twice and SAS works perfect with Comodo 3.0

i have superantispyware pro
ssupdate.exe checks for def. and program updates and runs if you rightclick the tray icon and check for updates
if you open superantispyware and check for updates with in the program it should not use ssupdate.exe and just get the def.update


But thats not the problem, because SuperAntiSpyware checks for updates itself… so its when it starts when my computer starts, and every 8 hour. i would still have to click “allow”

Maybe this should get moved to bug report, because there is nothing i can do, Comodo will have to fix this… (or thoose who make superantispyware so it doesnt have that temp file.)

Would be cool if i just could add the FOLDER with SSupdate.EXE inside to a something in comodo so everything inside it gets permission to do whatever it wants.

atleast as an temporary solution… (because i know i wont be very safe if something then should get in my temp folder (like a trojan or something that can be controlled from the outside.) and SAS or Avira doesnt stop it)