CFP & Windows Vista 64 bit


Some questions for your help and advice please. I’ve just upgraded to a new PC running Vista Ultimate 64 bit, and my questions are:

1: Will CFP run OK under Vista 64 bit, or is it 32 bit compatible only?

  1. Would I need to disable the Vista in-built firewall if I install CFP?

  2. Is CFP preferable to the built in Vista firewall in terms of the protection CFP offers?

  1. There is a 64 bits version of CIS you can download
  2. You may need check that WIndows firewall is turned off after the reboot after installing CIS.
  3. It is far superior to the Vista Firewall. Defense + will keep a vigilant eye on what is happening under the hood. It is far stronger than UAC.

Get the latest CIS here: .