CFP v3.x Install Issues on Vista & Avast failing to load with Defence+ enabled


This is my first post on the forum(s) so hopefully I’ve posted this in the right section.

I have been running CPF as the primary s/w firewall since the release of v2.4.
And I’ve been more than happy to recommend it to others, due to its easy configuration of inbound/outbound rules and the protection it offers. It is still my firewall of choice when installing Windows XP machines, despite the slightly steeper learning curve upgrading to v3.

However I am now installing a greater number of Vista machines, and have been having some problems installing and running CPF v3 in conjunction with Vista that I would like to make Comodo aware of.

Vista Home premium v6.0.6000 (32bit)
Comodo v3.0.16.295 & v3.0.17.304
Avast v4.7.1098
Admin privileges

The issues I have experienced with v3 on vista with this setup are as follows:

1) Slow startup/login issues:
Everything is fine upto the point of logging on, when either the login will take ≥8mins to reach the desktop or will fail completely - in each case just displaying a blank screen and the cursor.

2) Slow loading of background apps once the desktop is reached:
Programs take a very log time to startup once the desktop has been loaded, with CPF being the slowest at ≥5mins.

I also tend to install Avast as the main AV product, and have been having issues getting it to
install and run smoothly with Defense+ being active at the same time.

3) Avast fails to install correctly:
It will not install correctly on Vista machines unless installed as outlined below. (see table 1)

4) Avast fails to startup if Defense+ is enabled:
Once Avast is installed it will not startup fully unless Defense+ is disabled.
[this seems to be related to the Image Execution Control more than anything]

table 1 - Avast install procedure

  • Install Comodo v3.x- disable the firewall- disable defense± reboot
  • Install Avast 4.7.x- reboot- enable firewall- enable defense+ (remembering to disable the IEC, else Avast won’t load properly)- reboot

If I follow this procedure both applications will install and function correctly.

From what testing I’ve done the problem seems to be a conflict between Vista’s UAC and the Image Execution Control [IEC] in Defense+. Although there may an additional conflict between IEC and Avast - I can find nothing documented but Avast might be providing similar functionality to IEC?

Test Method

  • Clean install of Windows [32-bit Vista Home premium]
  • Vista firewall turned off [and service disabled]
  • Install CPF v3 and Avast [as detailed in table 1]
  • Defense+ enabled [with all options checked]

if login not successful, then>

  • Boot Vista in safe mode [logged in as admin]
  • Load CPF manually
  • Disable another Defense+ option

repeat until>

  • Vista desktop loads - without long delay/fail - and Avast loads normally.

before finally>

  • Re-enable Defense+ options [minus the suspected option]

reboot to confirm the option is at fault

table 2 - UAC/IEC testing

[tr][td]On[/td][td]|[/td][td]On[/td][td]|[/td][td]slow boot [≥8mins], login hangs with cursor on blk bg, slow bg app loading, avast won’t load.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]On[/td][td]|[/td][td]Off[/td][td]|[/td][td]normal boot, normal speed bg app loading, avast loads normally.[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Off[/td][td]|[/td][td]On[/td][td]|[/td][td]normal boot [a little slow], ~normal speed bg app loading [CPF a bit slow], avast loads normally.[/td][/tr]

Switching off either option [UAC/IEC] allows the machine to boot normally and Avast to load without issue.
However disabling IEC seems to be the most affective method, and is the solution I am currently employing.

Hopefully this points someone in the right direction… :slight_smile:



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