CFP v3 wants to take over

In order to install v3 I had to uninstall Process Guard due to conflicts. Now twice a week when A2 does its scheduled scan, it can never complete as there are hundreds of firewall alerts that I cannot sit here and approve. Last night the scan ran 8 hours and was only 32% complete after approving hundreds. Do I need to uninstall that program also? It is already added to the Safe Vendors list. This hardly seems worth it if it cannot get along with other applications. :-\ :o :THNK

It should work if you click Defense+>Advanced>Computer Security Policy and select the entry on that page for A2. Then click Edit and select the “Use a predefined policy”, click the drop-down and choose “Trusted Application”. You may also have to open A2 and find the way to put CFP on its safe/ignore/exclude/trusted application list. CFP protects its processes and exe’s and scanning them may cause problems. I don’t know how Process Guard works, but if you can get it to leave CFP’s processes alone, and give Process Guard “Trusted Application” status, you may be able to have them both run together.

Thank you so much for the quick response. I never would have found that path on my own. I bookmarked it and will run a scan. I will then go back and get Process Guard installed and try the same process. I greatly appreciate the assistance. (:CLP) :BNC

Do you really need process guard alongside Defense+? Both would be overkill, wouldn’t it?
Just my two pence…

I probably do not need Process Guard. I had no idea CFP was going to do everything before I upgraded. I did run the A2 scan and only a couple of firewall alerts. I am not going to reinstall PG as am trying to pare down my protection to what is actually needed with no overkill. I am not a fan of bundled protection programs so will just keep plugging along. Thanks for your two pence, you made an excellent point that was well taken.