CFP V3, Vista & Avast 4.8 Home Ed.

I own Vista Ultimate without SP1 (the download is running while writing) and Avast Antivirus 4.8.

I suspect some troubles between Avanst and CFP because after I installed it, sometimes the computer stops responding for a lot of time or at all (and i’ve to do an hard reset).

Disabling the Defense+ module the ‘issue’ desappear…

Any more tech answer?


Hello Simonite,

Can you give us a little more details on this ?
I’m running VistaSP1 with Avast and CFP without problems here.
What are you doing when “sometimes” you computer stops responding, is there a process in the task manager with high cpu load ?

What on access modules for Avast are active at that time ?
Are you running other Realtime scanners spyware etc ?

There are several modules that Avast uses that needs to be added to D+. Have you tried using D+ in training mode?


I am using Avast Home with CPF 3 using D+ on Vista Home with SP1 and have no problems. I first installed Avast, then I installed CPF 3. I have the Firewall on Safe Mode and D+ on Clean PC Mode and everything is working perfectly. Sometimes I wonder if I have any security at all since they seem to work very well together. Very little popups.


Yesterday night I re-formatted my pc (sob… 6 hours starting from scratch (:SAD)) because I was unable tu install Vista SP1… there were some corrupted sys files.
Now my system il fully patched and at present time noting strange happened (:HUG).

The settings when the issue occurred: Firewall in safe mode and Defense in clean (the same that are currently used).
What was I doing when did not respond any more? Simple… switching from an IE tab to another on an informational online paper… and with 55% free memory !!!
CTRL+ALT+DEL not worked at all, so I cannot tell if something was using the cpu highly… but I suppose not because no heavy processes were executing…

(sorry for my poor english (:TNG))

Look at your logs to see if something is being blocked. If there isn’t anything then use D+ in training mode for a couple of days or so.