CFP v3 using enormous amounts of CPU cycles

I noticed a few days ago my system was running loud, but this morning checking Task Manager (Windows Vista) I noticed CFP3 (cmdagent.exe) is using 50+% of my CPU and so my cooling fans are running full blast. Even after a reboot it’s using 126 MB (and climbing) of RAM. It’s never needed this kind of computing power before ; it’s using more RAM than Firefox 3 or Word 2007. Any ideas?

I’m using the latest version, 25.378

It looks like some compatibility issue with D+.

Please open Defense+ Tasks > Advanced > Defense+ Settings >Monitor Settings and uncheck the activities, entities and objects monitored by Defense+ until you find the one causing this.
I guess you need to reboot after each test.

Do you have any hacked MS component?
Does this happen as soon as you logon?

It would be useful to check if some software running at startup iscausing this.
AutoRuns for Windows Autoruns for Windows - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn can disable these programs.

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Thanks. I’ve deactivated Defense+; we’ll see if it behaves now. If it does then I’ll test each portion as you suggest until I find the culprit.