CFP v3 uninstalled but windows still says it's ON

so i had CFP v3 running and whenever i would shut it down, windows security never seemed to acknowledge that there was no firewall running. i’ve even uninstalled CFP v3 as of right now … and windows security is still saying “comodo firewall pro is currently ON”. whats going on?

I had this same problem, I hope Comodo fixes this soon.

It’s a Windows issue:
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[b]Windows (Security Centre) Doesn't Recognize Comodo Firewall[/b],2479.0.html

no it isn’t a window issue. it’s something with v3. my version 2 if i shut it down gets an alert from windows security center saying that my firewall is off … however when i shut down version 3 … windows security center says it’s still running … likewise i TOTALLY uninstalled version 3 … and windows security center still says “comodo firewall pro is currently ON”

anyways i’m back to running version 2 … i’ll upgrade again once a newer v3 release is out.

I have the same problem. When I uninstall Comodo Firewall v3, Security Center will still show that Comodo Firewall is turned on. I fixed the problem by installing v2, then uninstalling v2. After that, Windows report that no firewalls are currently turned on. Therefore, I think this is a Comodo Firewall v3 problem, because v2 clearly uninstalled itself completely, whereas v3 was still recognized even after uninstalled.

me too have the same problem , already uninstalled V3 but windows secuirty says it is still ON and further aggravates because I’m using Vista Ultimate and I don’t know how to get rid of it. I cannot install V2 because it’s incompatible with Vista

Whathever :-X

For those of you who are not going to follow the link provided by Soyabeaner I guess I should point out that there was contained a batch file to solve this issue.

You just have to delete the repository folder and then reboot to get windows to see your new AV or Firewall or get rid of it seeing the old ones. You can find it in windows\system32\wbem\Repository

It’s a Windows issue. I don’t care how many times I’ve had to reference that link in this forum.

I previous used Kerio 4, which at that time (when I was uneducated enough to still rely on Windows Security Center), it still states Kerio was there after it was uninstalled 88)

Personally I don’t use security center… I never look at it…
I know what apps i have installed and which ones i have uninstalled…
Security center is for grandma… not for people that knows what they have installed or not…

I guess it would be easier if the uninstaller would take care of that. So we are going to have less topics
and we are not going to explain mambers how to correctly interpret the cause-effect chain.

Then for those people with this “issue”, it would be in their interest to throw that in the wishlist.

What about the issue of people that have to deal with people with the “issue”? ;D

That’s a universal bug in ALL software that never gets “fixed,” (:WIN)