CFP v3 tray icon with flames on left side

Today when I logged into my power user account I noticed the CFP icon had flames on the left side of the white shield with green check mark (as it does for the tray icon for CMF 2 final). Later I logged out and into my admin account, and the icon was a white shield with the green check mark. I’ve logged back into my power user account, and now the icon is also displayed as the white shield with a green check mark, but no flames. I had checked to see if there had been some update, but there hadn’t been. I know, this is not extremely important, was just curious what would cause the different tray icons. Or am I just seeing things???

Stop taking those mind altering drugs and you’ll be fine. (:LGH)

The red and green markings are just animated traffic indicators for outound (green) and inbound (red) activity.

No your not seeing things,my tray icon has changed too.I have identical versions on two computers.On one is a white badge (no flames ) with red and green traffic indicators.Until today the other was the same,now its a white badge with a flat top with flames,never any traffic indicators.Also if you go into taskbar properties,some of my past items are all mixed up.Comodo Pro has Sotty logo from Winpatrol.I installed trial version of Avira yesterday,don’t know if it has anything to do with it.Or it could be the mind bending drugs (:LGH)


I have the same version running on 2 computers, one with flame, one without. Can a moderator enlighten us? Thanks

Oks right click the tray icon is show tray animation ticked or unticked
as ticked will show green and red
and unticked shows the white icon

i get the same icon. i have CFP3 to run on start-up. i then get the small shield icon with the flames on the left side. it has no animation. right-clicking and enabling/disabling animation does nothing.

i then right-click the icon and exit the app. i click the CFP3 shortcut icon on my desktop and i get the normal big white shield icon with the animations. here’s a pic.

is the a way to fix this?


btw, i use XP Pro SP3, but this also happens on SP2 and CFP

I think your getting confused. The tray animation means your traffic monitor. If you simply start browsing after you boot up you will see it working. I have mine shut off cause frankly I don’t care for it.

Do you all use Avira? Meez01 and mike746 surely do, but Canrith?

Vettetech, he’s not talking about tray animation regarding traffic. He’s talking about the flame on the left side. Look at the last screenshot.

I never saw the flame, and assumed it was due to D+ being off.

Whatever. I guess I am wrong but does it really matter. I have all my tray icons auto hidden so 90% of the time I do not even see them. Aslong as it works leave it alone. Yes I use Avira Premium also. The best paid av around.

I’m using AVG on both of my machines. Both are running XP SP2, but the flames only appear intermittently on my old Dell. This seems to be programmed into the product. Doesn’t a moderator have the ability to get an answer from the developers? Very mysterious!

i had that experience too.
i thought it’s because of theme changing. so it’s not ???
well, no big deal.
brownies anyone? :slight_smile:

It happened to me once too.

I think it is related to when CFP is checking for updates
You can see all comodos icos here
Paste the below into into IE or an windows explorer navigation window and hit enter
It does not work with FireFox.

%APPDATA%\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Data\ResFiles

this will bring up a folder with all the comodo v3 firewall icons

I can confirm this.


i cant confirm this ,the update icon is only the big white shieldicon with green mark…
but when i switch to d+ paranoid mode and restart my machine ,i see an other comodo tray icon with flames.
and when i switch back to clean mode + restart ,i see that normal comodo icon ,big white shield without flames^^
interesting… flame icon on highest security mode? or. a bug?

you could be right sunnyyyy

I just looked in the folder
%APPDATA%\Comodo\Firewall Pro\Data\ResFiles

and made the assumption that the file names might be related to th function. and this agreed with what I saw.

I did not think this was worth bothering the devs.


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