CFP v3 tray icon doen't change when its in Block All mode.

i left my pc on overnight and put CFP in block all mode while i encoded a file to a dvd. when i get up in the morning to check my pc, i find out i could not could not connect to the internet. i checked my network settings, my NIC, everything, but could not find out what was wrong until i find out CFP was in block all mode, but i could not tell just by looking at the tray icon. it was a white shield with a green checkmark. i had forgotten i had switched modes.

in CFP v2, the tray icon would be red when in block mode so it would be easy to know if the internet was blocked.

are there any plans to add different icons per mode to the tray icon? or is there something wrong with my install.?

i am using winxp pro and cfp thanks!


There’s nothing wrong with your install of CFP 3. And I’ve heard many people wants different icons for different modes, so it’ll maybe be added in the future. Else, it might be possible to fix it when the tool for creating skins is released :wink:


I have to agree with you guys. I liked the old icon because I could tell at a glance if I was in block all mode. I always put the firewall in block all when I run an antivirus or spyware scan. :P0l