CFP v3- Too hard the the "average user"?.

Users are complaining about Defense+ “How there are so many popups (Defense+)”, and the “Firewall does not even speak computer language”, I mean really… Can we really recommend CFP 3 to Beginners? They wouldn’t understand what Global Hooks were or anything, So what can we recommend to them?

If they install without Defense+, They will only have HALF the protection. Think of these “people” like teenagers, Teenagers would be like “what the hell!!!” We can’t expect them to tweak Defense+ them selves, So Comodo… Whats the go? I am concerned about these complaints and also how CFP 3 is NOT passing its own leak tests, etc…

This is a really worry in my eyes, is CFP 3 “too much protection?”


passing leak tests… I don’t think there is an issue with cpf…

as to making it easy for users…its called

TC…(nuff said)


TC means? lol

soon…can’t reveal now…


Ok :slight_smile:

Melih!! I swear your name was BOLD RED at the bottom not normal red like other admins hahaha

TC = Total Control? ;D


Hmmm!! lol

That’s the first thing that came to mind too. ;D


A new awsome free program by COMODO?
(B) (L) (R)

more than that…


Does the “C” stand for “Configuration” ???

Greetz, Red.




I was hoping TC would be a little Traffic Cop placed inside the firewall with Total Control to beat up on any baddies it comes across with its caveman like trunchen

hehe (:CLP)

TOP CAT - The leader of the gang,the one the best!!!you know the rest

Technical Fixation? idk

Transmission Control

Technical Committee

Test control?

It’s driving me Totaly Crazy :stuck_out_tongue:

Greetz, Red.

is there an ETA when the secrets about TC will be released?

Just found out its called total control by you know who , its a security suite with all the features that we like yet simple enough for the avarage Joe. now we all know.
well what do you think guys ?

Although I will admit that CPF 3.0 did scare me the first time I tried it and as a result I did uninstall it. The recent PC magazine review made me give it another go and so far I’m glad I did. I am an average user and after giving CPF another chance, I don’t understand the concern. For me after answering a few pop ups and maybe two days of learning, Comodo Pro 3.0 with Defense+ enabled is running quiet and very smooth along with Avast Home on my 512MB Windows XP PC. No slowdowns with my PC or browser, and boot time isn’t that bad. Yes there are a few things I need to learn yet, but the help file seems more than adequate for this. Also if I do by chance have some type of intrusion, I believe the alert will give me enough information to make the proper decision. Which brings me to the protection it offers. Am I right in thinking that CPF 3.0 offers plenty of protection with it’s default installation settings? Other than that, there’s also this wonderful forum for any questions I need help with. Like with knowing if you can reset the Network Defense intrusion attempts count? I’m at 806 and almost all are as follows. Windows Operating System. Blocked. UDP. Source IP or 101. Port 137 or 138. Destination or and other ports. I know this is within my own network, and not real intrusions so it doesn’t worry me. But I would like to either stop them or know how to reset the counter. Thanks and take care.