CFP V3 Not logging every event in firewall???

Hi everyone, new version and question time again.

Is anybody having the same problem?

For Int Explorer, I have a rule for TCP Out Log any/any/any/any. In connections view I can see it’s connected to say remote port xxxx but in events log no trace of it?



I tried with Firefox and IP out ALLOW+LOG and it works great!

Try with some other app or try wether it works with IP instead of TCP.

Hello hilmi

You will have to edit the rule Firewall → advanced → network security policy. Find your internet explorer rule or set of rules. Click on any of the rules that you want logged and click edit. Then check the box where it say log as a firewall event if this rule is fired. You will have to click apply a couple of times and you will get logging.


Keep in mind that constant logging for every event can impact performance and create large log files if not limited in size.

Make sure your log inst set to “0” MB. Mine was. I changed it to “2” MB.

I for one would like to see incoming attacks reflected in the log. Shields Up and PC Flank both give the firewall passing grade, so obviously it works like a charm, but there is no evidence in the log no matter what I do.

It all depends on your set up. If you are behind a router or a modem with a hardware firewall it makes a difference. A hardware firewall will stop all inbounds and Comodo will never know. If you are not behind a hardware firewall then run the stealth port wizard and select the “block all incoming connections”.