CFP v3 Blocks Lenovo T60 Boot

I am regenerating a Lenovo T60 laptop after a hard drive replacement. Reinstalled XP and brought up to date including SP3. Lenovo ThinkVantage systems have always been used on this machine, including Client Security Solution (CSS), Rescue & Recovery (R&R) and fingerprint reader. After reinstalling NOD32 and updates I installed current CFP (CIS v3.14.130099.587, Firewall Only). I was unable to boot with Comodo, stalling in “checking the status of the embedded security chip” as described by trench3 in and subsequently in this forum by many others.

Following fadi’s solution in;msg155040

referred to in;msg189316

I uninstalled the older versions of CSS and R&R and installed the latest versions, first R&R v4.2 then CSS v8.2. (R&R has to be installed first, according to Lenovo.) It appears fadi uninstalled both but only reinstalled the then latest CSS, doing without R&R. I would like to keep R&R on this machine, and while it appears there was an earlier incompatibility between late versions of CSS and any version of R&R, the current versions are compatible and I used them both several times before I tried to reinstall Comodo.

Only security software on the machine is CSS and NOD32. I would like to add MalwareBytes and WinPatrol eventually.

These problems were widely discussed in this forum in 2007-2008 and then seem to have vanished. Did everyone give up, or was there a complete solution I’m unaware of? Is anyone using the current CFP successfully with CSS and R&R?

I’ve already spent more than a full day trying to get this to work. Should I remove R&R and try again? Should I try reinstalling CFP v2.4.18.184 and then if that works updating it using Comodo update? (That was the version originally installed on this laptop in 2007). Should I then update past v2? Or can I resolve this by giving CFP a safelist of ThinkVantage executable files (if I can get one)? How would I get that list into CFP if I can’t boot with it on the machine? Can I do it somehow in XP safe mode? Should I just give up and look for another firewall? I’d prefer to get Comodo to work. Any other ideas? Can someone to point me in the right direction so I can get this resolved? Many thanks.

You can’t use the program updater to updater from 2.4 to the latest. You would have to clean install v3.13.

When you are able to boot into Windows Safe Mode you can add the ThinkVantage executables to My Own Safe Files (Defense + → Common Tasks). Make sure to add all the .exe and .bat files you find in the ThinkVantage installation folders to the list.

If all ThinkVantage executables are digitally signed you could consider adding ThinkVantage to the My Trusted Software Vendors list (Defense + → Common Tasks).

What does R&R do? Take a look at Comodo Time Machine; it may be a different solution to your problem.