CFP v3.0.7.208 Beta + Altiris SVS

I would like to know if someone have any experience using Comodo combined with software virtualization using Altiris SVS and how the virtualization affects Comodo efficiency?

Altiris SVS is a very nice program that virtualize software installation by placing all file and registry modifications into layers, so you can reset, activate and deactivate an application without modifying windows system files. When a software layer isn’t activated Windows don’t see the software and when activated it work like a regular installation.

A software installed using SVS is actually placed in a special folder inside “C:\fslrdr”, but when activated the system see it under the “C:\Program Files” like a regular installation. The problem is that Comodo see some programs in the “C:\Program Files” and some in the “C:\fslrdr”. I don’t know if this could make Comodo to prevent network communication for those programs with virtualized paths even if you include them in the trusted application list?

Please notice that I’m not virtualizing Comodo itself, since it isn’t recommended to virtualize firewalls or anti-virus using Altiris SVS.