CFP v2.4 vs CFP v3.0


You’re right. Obviously, I don’t stick with the very latest version of all software (title under my avatar), but in comparing to version 2, in certain respects, yes. All 3 options still apply to my reason (hence, it was somewhat difficult to choose at first), but the V3 option would hold the most or overall % of my reason.

Soyabeaner, it is you, and others like you, who deserve the applause.
Volunteering to make a good product great.
I am just a peon compared to you, and the contributions you have made.
(:CLP) (:CLP)

Cheers, Mate!

Well the poll is closed, and for those who have a distinct preference, it is 32.9% for v2.4 vs 40.3% for v3.0.

I hope the Comodo team recognizes that even though the majority prefer v3, there is still a large number of users, almost a third, who are only interested in a firewall without HIPS.

It would make poor business sense to abandon further development on v2.4 entirely and ignore such a large number of users. (:NRD)

Thanks again to all who participated. :■■■■