CFP v2.4 vs CFP v3.0

Some say that Comodo Firewall Pro v2.4 is destined to be a “classic”, like the Kerio firewall before it was acquired by Sunbelt, or the Sygate firewall before it was acquired by Symantec.

What is your opinion?

I like CFP 3 more than 2.4, since CFP 3 has more advanced options than 2.4. I like having control of whole my PC, not only the Internet.


Deffo V3 its gives much greater insight into what`s going on and much more configurability.

Nice 1 Matty

Are these bugs in V2.4 major and when will V3 be bug free as I would like to upgrade but I am unsure if V3 is stable enough yet?

ps have they made V3 able to upgrade and install the fixes/revisions without the need to keep removing an older version first?

Well, so far there are 8 votes showing a preference for v2.4 vs 11 votes preferring v3.

I use v3 on my main workstation, but on some of my boxes I don’t need the HIPS from v3, so for those I use v2.4.

I just wish Comodo didn’t leave v2.4 hanging with bugs like losing settings, etc.

What will they do when they release v4? ???
Will they leave bugs hanging in v3 just like they are doing now with v2.4? (:SAD)

This is something to take into consideration. :THNK

I like version 3. With the addition of defense+ it means I don’t have to run any additional security software (other than CMF) as the HIPS should catch anythiing suspicious and I can quarantine it. :P0l

I just use a backup (on-demand) scanner to check I don’t accidentally allow anything.


Ok, but maybe some of us want to run additional security software, because we don’t want to put all our eggs in one basket by relying on one vendor for all our security needs.

CFP v2.4, which is closer to a true firewall than v3, runs excellently with System Safety Monitor, a HIPS product, and SSM does HIPS far better than CFP v3 does.

Why should there be any resistance to just cleaning up the rest of the minor bugs in CFP v2.4?
It is clear that a fair number of users would like to see a fully finished v2.4.

Isn’t Comodo supposed to be all about listening to its users? ???

Yes, I do agree that CFP 3 does need a little work on the HIPS, and this is being done. There are a number of new features and changes that will improve defence+ based on user feedback.

I can’t comment on system safety monitor as I’ve never used it, but persoanlly I feel comfprtable with CFP3.

I’m not sure, but I think 2.4 will still be supported (for w2k users, in particular). At the moment, though most of the resources are on CAVS 3 and CFP 3 to get them up to standard, etc.


V2.4 for me .

I am not sure yet that V3 is bug free, I keep reading about problems associated with defence + , configuration problems , etc. so until it is more stable with less problems to be resolved I am sticking to V2.4 which [ as far as I know ] hasn’t caused me a single problem. I just wish that we still received updates although I accept that at some stage I will have to upgrade.

I agree I tried the latest 3.0 and had some issues that I did not want to deal with so I went back to 2.4


I use CFP 2.4 ( for now ) and I have tested CFP 3.0 on a different system, and they are both great products :slight_smile: Personaly I think CFP 2.4 is great for people who only want a good firewal, although the CFP 3.0 “Basic Firewall + Leak Protection” can be a good substitute :slight_smile:

For myself it is very simple : As axl has already explained, SSM as a HIPS runs very well with CFP 2.4 , so I am in no hurry to switch :wink: And a firewall is integrated so deep in the OS that I prefer to switch with a clean install of the OS. But like I said, I can wait :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

So are the bugs in V2.4 deadly and being exploited today or am I still protected to a high degree with it, as I plan on waiting for the bugs to be fixed in V3 or until some more updates are realeased for V2.4

Be still bugs in V2.4 fixed? I prefer to V2.4 users than the new 3 unfortunately it is still not in German. :cry:

I prefer v3 for the improvements on the firewall proper most of all, and prefer 2.4 on it’s straightforward GUI -no multiple windows, rules and active connections in the main GUI, etc.

Sanctuary24 and Stefen :slight_smile:

Please boys :o You still have the best firewall withought HIPS protecting you :slight_smile: So don’t worry :wink:

Greetz, Red.

Well, at this time it seems that for those who have a distinct preference:

36.8% are for CFP v2.4.

38.6% are for CFP v3.0.

Most interesting; I did not think it would be this close.
I initially planned to keep this poll open for one week; we will see the final results in a few days.

I would like to thank all who took the time to participate.

I’m not that surprised at the stats because even I had a hard time choosing - I mean, at least 3 of the poll options apply to my reason/choice.

As each choice was specifically designed to be exclusive, if you would be so kind as to reveal your 3 poll options I will be quite willing to assist in pointing out the errors in your logic.

“I like v3.0 more because it has HIPS features”
“I like v3.0 more because I like using the latest version of software”

Elementary, Mr. Watson.

First and foremost, note that the poll allowed only one choice.

An explanation of your third option, “I like v3.0 more because I like using the latest version of software”:
Any software veteran knows that just because something is the latest that does not necessarily mean it is the best.
Witness Windows Me, which was without a doubt the latest version at that time, but hardly was the best.
If you only like v3 because it is “latest version of software”, your vote can be safely disregarded for the purposes of this poll.

An explanation of your second option, “I like v3.0 more because it has HIPS features”:
This requires no further explanation, aside from noting that the poll allowed only one choice.

An explanation of your third option, “v3.0”:
There is no specific qualifier attached to this statement, therefore I would believe that one would be safe to assume that this means one likes v3.0 for more than one specific listed reason, or for reasons not listed; this is the blanket choice.
“I like CFP 3.0 for the colors”, “I like CFP 3.0 because of all the extra windows it has that CFP 2.4 doesn’t”, “I hate even numbers, so CFP 3.0 is for me”, etc.

So, in summary, given your preferences, a vote for “v3.0” is correct for you.

Hope this helps, (:NRD)