CFP update query

How can I tell if an update to CFP has been successful? I have a strong suspiction that they are not happening.

Richard Tanner

What update are you referring to? For the anti virus definitions or the firewall?

Sorry, I thought that CFP referred to the firewall which is the one I am querying.

Richard Tanner

Better question, then. What version are you running? The current release is CIS 3.8 with 3.9 due to be released on the 12th of this month.
I do recommend you do a clean install when you upgrade.

Running Comodo firewall version 3.8.6591.477

Am I correct in assuming that when a new version is released there will be some sort of notification? A clean installation would be to uninstall the 3.8 before installing the new one.

Richard Tanner

There will be a notice in the Forum when it is released, and you should also see a notice from within CIS when it is available.