CFP update error, firewall doesn't work anymore

My CFP told that an update was ready for me. I updated it, but chose no for restarting, as I wanted to finish a thing first. I didn’t know what to do, so I re-ran the update process. I did the update, and it asked me to install some network thing meanwhile, which I had never come by before. I didn’t do that, I thought it had to do something with my network settings. I restared the computer as asked by CFP. When it started up again, CFP says that “The network firewall is not functioning properly!” and asks me to run the diagnosis. I did that, and the diagnosis told me it was some problems, and if it should fix them. I answered yes. The Comodo network service thing comes up again. I answer yes, to install it this time. It fails, CFP tells me that the diagnosis couldn’t fix it, and asks me to create a log, which I did - I attached it to this post as well.

Re-updating doesn’t cut it either. So please tell me what I should do, and what is the cause of this problem. I’m only using the Windows Firewall atm, so I’ll disconnect and look back a little later, hoping that someone has replied.

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Did you update from 3.5?
If so, Please reread the first post of this thread:
It will answer your question.

Thanks for the reply.

So I should download that stuff, and install it? Should I uninstall the current installation first, or it will add above by itself?