CFP takes 10 mins to connect to AOL

Can somebody help me please.

I have AOL and CFP latest version everything works fine except - from turning on the computer until the time I can get on the internet it is 10 minutes.

It is very frustrating surely it should not take this long from turning on the pc to get onto the internet.

What can be done to make things quicker


AOL as in dial up? My XP machine boots up very quickly. What other programs do you have that auto start? What is your system specs?

AOL as in broadband it will not connect until CFP is fully installed.

Is there something I can run to see what else is on start up and show the specs

Yes look at your system tray. So what your saying is that you have AOL selected to auto start when you boot up? What happens if you disbale the auto start in AOL? Does it happen if you use Firefox or Internet Explorer? Have you tried making AOL a trusted program under the firewall and D+? You can also put D+ in training mode for a bit and try that. To see whats in your start up folder you can also go to run and type “msconfig”. Click on the start up tab.

No what I am saying is that CFP takes ages to appear in my system tray and only once CFP has appeared do I then double click for AOL to start and this whole process takes 10 minutes can it be speeded up at all

I highly doubt it takes 10 minutes. What other items are in your start up?

It takes 10 minutes!! - the other items in my start up have been delayed it is CFP which is always last to load

Comodo is always last to load for me also but my both my system start up in less then a minute. The only start up items I have is Comodo,Avira and my Logitech stuff for my mouse and keyboard. Dont use start up delay. Disable all start up items except for Comodo in msconfig and see what happens.

BTW what are your system specs?