CFP should have a Sandbox that supports virtualization

Certainly it’s a matter of time. Just look at proactive engine, obviously it is the best already.

Here we see the seeds of “feature creep”.
You don’t want a scanner, real time signature based monitor, parental control, antipsam etc. but you do want:
Calssical HIPS
Behave vblocker
Inbound and OutBound FireWall

What you want, aside from your last request, is not part of the classical definition of a firewall.

So, how do we satisfy you, and someone else who thinks a firewall should behave differently?
Give them both!

Kitchen Sink mentality: It might seem like a good idea at the time, but history proves that this tactic does not win in the long term.

If I could give this more than +1 I would; alas, I am only one! (:SAD)

Hi, no use of argument with u as I guess from ur posts.

As Melish said they will keep it modular. That must be enough, u can install watever u want.

This would have been a “very good approach indeed” if Comodo shielded the user by:
Presenting the CFP v3 installer with the mandated option of “Firewall” and a checkbox for the option of Defense+.
Now THAT would help maintain the illusion of modularity.
Cut-and-Paste is not an option, but one wonders if a selective compilation mechanism could have been beneficial.

Who is this, Kaspersky? ???

The door guy is concerned about THE DOOR…
He is a big ugly guy that makes people nervous.
I wouldn’t want a big ugly guy INSIDE my club making my GUESTS nervous, stopping them for random metal detector scans.
A program that is watching the actions of every program even though you know everything is already safe is just getting in the way.
Of course, I never said that this is best for all cases; I just wanted to point out that there is a sizeable market share who think otherwise, considering the results of this poll.

Don’t forget the results of your own poll. 88)

Who is this, Kaspersky?
F-Secure, Trend Micro, ZoneAlarm, Bluecoat, Juniper Networks, Sybari (now acquired by Microsoft), Netintelligence, and many others licensed A/V engine developed in lab of Eugene Kaspersky.




I guess your guests doesn’t have invitations, I don’t know what else should be added to your guests feel more comfortable, our doorman is robust and big but yet it is very flexible and pleasant

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Sure I will not. Not a matter of life n death. We do have a lot of choices. U know I just posted this idea because i really think it,s a good idea. I was inspired from EQS sandbox( EQS v 4 beta).

Personally I am using GW along with CFP without issues and I do think it,s mature enough to be used on XP as long as I am using XP. Not sure about Vista or next windows.

I am not using any other security software on my system at the moment. No scanner even.