CFP_Setup_3.0.23.364_XP_Vista_x32 - High CPU Load on process 100% on 1 core

Vista SP1, CFP, upgraded from CFP_Setup_3.0.22.349_XP_Vista_x32.
I have at least 2 programs going to 100% cpu on one core.
One is a batch file, the other one is ClamWIN update (freshclam.exe).

I put process monitor on it and both files end with the same query. (QueryNameInformationFile) on guard32.dll

Filespecs of c:\windows\system32\guard32.dll =

I tried to disable Defence+ but that didn’t help (after a reboot).

I uninstalled the CFP and the problem is gone.

Please advise


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I made similar experiences with XP /SP2. After the latest update I got processes which blocked one CPU an never ended.
For example installation of lenovos update service, suns java jre etc. failed as during the installation process one process just never ended.
Just try “java -fullversion” in a dos-box - it will never end but block one CPU.
The only solution was to deinstall Comodos Firewall - disabling did not solve the problem.

with kind regards

Bug is still present in version: CFP_Setup_3.0.24.368_XP_Vista_x32
I’ve done a complete uninstall, cleanup, reboot. Put up a fresh install of 3.0.24 it doesn’t fix the problem.

I’ve done some testing and i can reproduce it.

First i start a command box, when i type “exit” the first core goes 100% util.
I have to kill the process to get the cpu back.

I have run Autoruns, and disabled the Appinit_dll guard32.dll

If i start a command box it works normal no cpu load and exit normal, no reboot or what so ever, on the fly.
If i put the Appinit_dll /guard32.dll back to enabled, the problem reappears.

Can someone tell me if this is going to be fixed ?
Do you need more information ?
What can i do to help ?

this is normal
look cProgram Files\Comodo\Firewall\Repair
look guard32.dll =

I don’t get it ?
It’s normal that a closing process via a call to AppInit guard32.dll consumes 100% cpu never ending until you kill the specific process ?
I think that’s not normal.

Info: Also the process mcbuilder.exe goes 100% and never returns until i kill it.
And this is a process that’s started by vista on boot, so now i have to manualy kill this process everytime i start my machine.

Right, the mcbuilder was the other process alongside the cvtres sucking the cpu; I had to kill them manually also.
As I said in this thread, the old version is working fine here.;msg164524#msg164524

As posted in other reports it looks like a conflict with CMF, if i put cmd.exe and mcbuilder.exe in the CMF exclusion list than the problem disappears. CPF version

Remove it from the CMF exclusions and the problem is back.

Can someone tell me if this will be fixed in the next release ?
And maybe when the next release is to be expected ?


Ronny, I understand that you have CMF and CFP installed on same machine.
So, problem becomes reproducible when both are running and application is not in CMF exclude list, right?

Let us check it.

Thanks for the feedback.

Hi Nikoden,

That’s right i have 2 ways of workarounds, one is to put the file in the CMF exclusion list.
The other is to use Autoruns from Sysinternals and “unselect” Guard32.dll from the Tab “AppInit”.
But i prefer to use the first one of course.


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Hello Nikoden,

Any news on this, appears the problem also appears on systems with CMF and Subelt VIPRE see here