CFP seems to be blocking System Mechanic 8

 I have the following software on my Dell Dimension 3000 system: 

OS: Windows XP Home Edition, SP3
Antivirus: AVG Free 8.0.138
Firewall: Comodo Firewall Pro
Rootkits: Avira AntiRootkit Tool Beta
Cleanup: CCleaner 2.10.618
Other: Windows Defender 1.1.1593.0
Comodo BOClean 4.26
System Mechanic 8
Process Explorer 11.20
Secunia PSI RC3
I recently updated my System Mechanic to the most recent version. Now, my update function no longer works–I get a “Check your connection” message when I try to use it. I’ve set up rules for allowing all the .exe files I can find in SM to access the Internet, but to no avail–I still can’t update SM. I’ve not deleted any applications since I’ve installed CFP3. Has anyone else run into this, and has anyone figured out a solution?

Well for one, you seem to have a lot more security programs than you need. An AV, an AntiSpyware and CFP with D+ is all you should need. I don’t know if that’s causing a conflict but, I do suggest you switch from AVG to Avast, and drop the others for Malwarebytes Anti-Malware or SuperAntiSpyware. All free programs that are well recommended.

If you prefer to keep what you have, try removing all permissions to System Mechanic in D+ and the Firewall and starting over.

You could try Spybot search and destroy too and for antivirus use bitdefender or even better Antivir who has won again for finding 99.6% of all viruses avast came with 90.9% AVG with 92.4% not a big difference between Avast and AVG so there basically the same except Avast has more protection functions.