CFP Roadmap :)

This is the CFP Roadmap, that identifies some very powerful, secure and cool technologies right around the corner.

this was done today 31st July 07 :slight_smile:



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Lol, sounds cool, I can’t see what’s on the road map tho ;D
Maybe it’s empty? :wink:
(V) (L) (R) (J) (B)
I love Comodo, Comodo loves me so…


We need to bring the map out of the shadow so we can at least see if the right direction is on course ;D

We know what melih looks like now :D.

Tell egemen to write release cpf3 all over it :D.

That’s a great picture of Egemen. He’s never looked so good.


He used to look worse???!!!???!!! :smiley:

Kind of hard to tell when the shade’s in the way >:(

Seriously, I think you need to get Egemen a bigger desk.



I tried to magnify the view with Opera, but it still didn’t work.

As for a bigger desk, I’m betting Melih’s next post will something along the lines of:
[i]“He should be happy to get a breath of fresh air after I unlocked the lab dungeon.” :wink:


An office would be nice!


I don’t know; it looks like they’re having a good time, about to set sail once they finish their lunch… Aah, the Comodo lifestyle…


he he. I wish…


I thought you had motion sickness on boats. Maybe you overcame it?

I haven’t :frowning:
hence another I wish :slight_smile:


Maybe Melih is taking some pills against it? ;D


I did once, and it made me so drowsy it wasn’t worth it :frowning:


Perhaps this new “medicine” is the cure.