CFP Reporting Wrong Parent Application

I noticed that CFP sometimes report the wrong parent app that is trying to access the Internet. I can see this from watching the packet destinations. Has anyone else noticed this?

Hi timc

Could you provide some specific examples please. A screen shot or two would be best.


Hi Toggie,

Thanks for replying. I have a web page open in Firefox that reloads itself. I have Visual Studio open in the foreground. When the web page tries to reload, Comodo tells me that Visual Studio is atempting to access the internet through Firefox. I know this isn’t the case from looking at the proxy server logs.


When VS attempts to access the Internet, does CFP prompt you? If it does, is the message in the prompt related to OLE Automation?


Yes, CFP does prompt me. After allowing it to connect, I was trying to restart CFP in order to get the message again. Now the Service won’t start. The message is “The Comodo Application Agent Service on Local Computer started and then stopped. Some services stop automatically if they have no work to do, for example, the Performance Logs and Alerts service.”

I don’t recall seeing anything about OLE Automation in the prompt, but I’ll confirm when CPF is started again.

I just rebooted and tried it again. No OLE Automation.

Any chance of posting a screen shot of the CFP prompt?

Attached is a prompt from a legitimate request. I can’t get it to display a false one at the moment.

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Dear friends at Comodo forums,

I’m stucked with the same problem of timc, but with Winamp, Dreamweaver 8 and Photoshop CS2. When one of those applications are running, CFP starts to ask me if I’ll allow already trusted applications to access the internet.

There’s four images attached to this post. The big one, firefox.png happens just when I’m reading this post (notice the forth tab!). Rapget.png is the same, but with rapget (a file downloader software).

The most interesting one is what happens with mmm.exe (an app to customize windows menus). It was trying to update calling it’s manufacturer website (www_hace_us-inc_com []). mmm-1.png is mmm asking for Hace’s website IP Address. mmm-2 is the same process already with Hace’s IP address. Why is it interesting? It’s because I do not clicked the “Allow” button in the first window…

AV: NOD32 2.70.32

CFP: Components monitor in “learning mode”
Alert frequency: low.

I hope it helps to improve that amazing application.

Thank you all,


PS: Sorry for my bad English standard.

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Welcome to the forum, Trosin.
Unless I’m misinterpreting your alerts as OLE Automation instead of Olé :BNC, these would be the best explanations:,4728.msg35532.html#msg35532,4875.msg36088.html#msg36088,5207.msg38857.html#msg38857

Thank you Soya,

Yes, I’m bugged with the “OLE issue” and this is a very annoying thing. :frowning:

Let’s wait for 3.0.