CFP prevents access to print server and email?

Wow, here I go again… It took me a while but I finally determined that my new CFP has cut off access to my laser printer which is hung off of a USB print server instead of directly off the computer (kids can access it over the network with the main PC off). It’s a SimpleTech device that incorporates an external hard drive along with the printer server. I’ve never had any problem with it when used with ZA or F-Secure firewalls nor did it require any special config. If I simply exit out of CFP it immediately starts working again. ???

Likewise, my AGV email scanning plugin is also being thwarted by CFP. The plugin basically starts when I try to retrieve email then just hangs until it’s disabled. Exiting CFP allows everything to work as usual.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Re. the AVG issue.

This is a known hiccup between AVGs email scanner and CPF. Comodo have attempted to fix this over the past few updates but have drawn a blank on this (and were honest enough to admit it has them stumped.) The most reliable workaround at the moment is to 1) temporarily set the firewall security level to allow all when send/receiving email or 2) disable AVGs email scanning. Neither is a really acceptable solution, but Comodo are still working on this.

Re. the can’t print to USB printer issue.

The SimpleShare device is a NAS with a built in print server. As such, the NAS should just connect to your LAN and after its setup and config wizard has done its voodoo, the device should be accessible across your LAN. You said the kids can see the printer only after the main PC is switched off.

This raises the question, if the NAS is directly connected to the LAN (and not to your main PC) and the printer is directly connected to the print server in the NAS, how does your main PC determine the availability of the device to the rest of the LAN?

Can you please answer the following questions;

  1. In CPF, have you defined the IP address range of your home network as a Trusted Zone?
  2. If so, is the IP address of the NAS included in this zone?
  3. Does the embedded print server have its own IP?
  4. If so, is the IP address of the print server inthe trusted zone?
  5. Can your main PC access the NAS at all times?
  6. Can the other PCs on your LAN access the NAS at all times?
  7. Do you print to the printer as a shared printer or via direct IP printing?

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As an update to AVG issue, it has been fixed in the next update(which is due for Tuesday or Thursday).


Great news! Out of curiousity, what was the root cause?

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The root cause is AVG email scanner does not expect to be suspended for a specified time for the advanced security analysis and thinks it fails.

We have added an option called “skip advanced security checks”, which tells CPF not to apply its advanced security checks on an application having this option enabled.

I am not sure but i believe this problem is about AVG’s email scanner implementation because CPF does not block anything. It just suspends the requests temporarily for analysis, as it does for every other single request from other applications.


Thanks for that. It’s good to know there is an end to this issue. This must have been bugging the developers.

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Thanks, Ewen, here’s some more info

First, all other computers on the network can see AND print through the print server regardless of whether the main computer is on or not. That was my intent when installing it.


  1. Yes, the local network and all IPs are defined as the Trusted Zone in CFP
  2. Yes, the IP of the NAS is a reserved address within the network space. This is done through my Netgear router which allows me to reserve specific addresses for each MAC on the network and then assigns those IP addresses as each device requests an IP through the DHCP server.
  3. No, the print server operates through the same IP.
  4. N/A
    5 & 6) Yes, the NAS (storage) can be accessed by all computers at all times. Only the print service seems to be affected by CFP and ONLY on the main computer where CFP is running. IOW, other computers on the network can still print through the NAS even though the CFP computer cannot.
  5. The onboard NAS software automatically creates the shares necessary to access the hard drive and print server.

Thanks again,

I just installed CFP and killed the ability of my Thunderbird to receive mail (although, strangely it still allowed me to send email.)

Thank you for these forum posts. I went into the launchpad and used the “Skip Advanced Security Checks” option, reenabled the AVG email scanner, and it looks as if everything is going to work well.

Thanks again for the posts; I would have spend a lot of time not getting anywhere.

I didn’t have to do anything with avg but the other step allowed me to see my email. Thanks!

I have a Simpletech STI-NAS/250 and had the same problem. After I created a rule ID to allow the IP range it was in, I had to move that rule ID to 5 and the default Block & Log ID to 6. It worked for me after I did that. Hope it helps.