CFP & Opera Mail client settings [RESOLVED]


I am using CFP 3 and Opera 9.27. I cannot get CFP to allow Opera’s built-in mail client to access POP/SMTP. I have tried the settings in network security policy, but when I try to add Opera as a mail client, I get told I cannot, because Opera is already set as a browser.

Please advise.

Have you tried giving Opera its own rule.
eg. Allow IP out ANY/ANY/ANY


If I add Opera to the trusted applications list, mail works fine. Just thought there might be a “safer” way of doing it.

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What you can do JV is create a custom rule rule by using the copy from function to give you the outgoing only rule,then edit the allow outgoing tcp and udp requests and change it to Allow IP out ANY/ANY/ANY.
At least this way you have the block and log unmatching requests in there.


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First copy the policy from web browser. Then add the rule from email client to allow outgoing pop3/smtp. Add another rule to allow outgoing nntp (port 119) if you want to use Opera for usenet also.

Thanks guys

Got it working now. Followed your advice and it’s A1!


(Matty, thanks. Hope Wednesday will be better…lol)

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